Simply Smarter Power – For All™


   The IQgrid microgrid ecosystems is comprised of numerous 'Stakeholders'


 Power Supporters

 Power Suppliers 

 Power Consumers

Government Organizations
  • National ministries
  • Government agencies (e.g., United Nations, Dept. of Energy, EPA)
  • Regional & local authorities

Non-government Organizations (NGOs)
  • International NGOs (e.g., World Bank, International Energy Agency)
  • National NGOs (e.g., Carbon Trust [UK], Rainforest Alliance [Brazil])
  • Community-based organizations (e.g., micro-lenders, research organizations & universities)



  • Energy-as-a-Service providers
  • Microgrids-as-a-Servcie providers
  • Power Generation providers (e.g., microgrid component providers, solar + battery storage developers, waste-to-energy  providers, etc.)
  • Power Distribution (e.g., microgrid platform suppliers [inverters, transponders, transmitters, etc.]; infrastructure developers [smart meters, wiring, etc.])


  • Village Households
  • Refugee Camp Inhabitants
  • Island Dwellers
  • Commercial Enterprises (e.g., home-based businesses, non-home-based businesses [small industrial units, textile services, small scale agriculture, milling, restaurants, cell phone towers, etc.])
  • Non-commercial Enterprises (e.g., schools, medical centers, community centers) 

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