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                                   Microgrids: From Concept to Completion



Microgrids (also commonly referred to as mini-grids and mini-utilities) have emerged as the most viable and sustainable solution available for broad-scale remote rural electrification and the related fight against energy poverty. A microgrid can be defined as a low voltage electrical distribution network that includes: distributed energy sources (fuel cells, combined heat & power, wind turbines, solar power, diesel, etc.); some type of energy management or control system; and in some cases, an energy storage device (gas storage containment, flywheel, batteries, etc.). 


IQgrid delivers the first microgrid platform that provides a turnkey “microgrid-in-a-box” solution that is scalable, sustainable, and replicable on a mass-scale. The solution includes an advanced fuel-cell driven microgrid that is powered by biogas converted from  animal, human and other organic waste. The system includes proprietary anaerobic digestion, energy storage, and combined heating and power (cogeneration) technologies.


The International Energy Agency expects over 40% of remote rural areas globally to be connected using some type of microgrid technology by 2020. Global market revenue estimates for the microgrid industry project growth from $5.1 billion in 2013 to nearly $40 billion by 2023. Analysts further predict that, based upon a number of key trends, fuel cells are highly likely to become the "preferred source of electric power generation for microgrids" over the next few years. (SmartGrid News, July 2014).

Project Development

Project Development is the process that takes each turnkey IQgrid microgrid system from concept through construction. IQgrid is a full-service microgrid developer providing everything that is required to specify, design, develop, and implement its fully functional turnkey microgrid-in-a-box solutions for its franchisees/power producers and electricity end-users. IQgrid’s microgrdi-in-a-box technology platform and plug-and-play project development strategy dramatically improves the efficiencies for each installation and substantially reduces the need for time-consuming and expensive on-site engineering.


IQgrid’s  Project Development services include:

  • market analysis & assessment (utilizing IQgrid’s powerful XC30 Supercomputer)
  • market development (including capacity building and education)
  • project financing
  • regulatory compliance assistance
  • standardized design & integration (utilizing IQgrid’s turnkey MPower3 Platform)
  • systems deployment (minimized on-site engineering assistance)
  • remote systems monitoring and controlling 
Franchise Development

As a microgrid franchisor, IQgrid will establish a global network of power producers/franchisees (village communities) to which it will sell its microgrid systems. IQgrid’s franchise services include:

  • perform site viability and selection, including resource assessment and electricity demand estimates
  • identify manpower for microgrid system operations
  • assist with processing of relevant subsidy and grant applications
  • provide the required technology and equipment (including advance cost collection)
  • transfer technical and operational knowledge to franchisees
  • provide technical training for plant operations
  • provide routine maintenance and repair support
  • remotely monitor site operations
  • assist with Certified Emissions Reductions credits

“The microgrid industry is moving into the next phase of project development,
 focusing on how to develop projects on fully commercial terms.” (Navigant Research, 2013)