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              IQgrid is a for-profit Benefit Corporation with a directive to  

                                   "Do Well, While Doing Good" 

As a registered Benefit Corporation, IQgrid is a mission-driven, for-profit impact enterprise. An impact enterprise (also referred to as a ‘social enterprise’) is a company that is mandated to generate an attractive financial return for its stakeholders alongside a measurable, beneficial social and/or environmental impact.

In line with its "Public Benefit" mandate, the Company has initiateda Series Seed equity round of capitalization. This represents a unique opportunity for impact investors, social impact-oriented Angel, Venture Capital, Family Fund and Institutional investors. IQgrid is also well positioned to capitalize upon the unique "Crowdfunding for Social Enterprise" funding options available to it as a result of  recent Title II, III & IV Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act ('JOBs Act') legislation.*

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"Do Well, While Doing Good" possibilities...

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*This opportunity is available only to "Accredited Investors" as defined by Title II, III, & IV Rule 506(c) of the JOBS Act.